Under 10 Age Group 7v7

Information For u10 Coaches & Parents

Let's make sure all the kids have FUN this, and every, weekend.


The under 10 games are 7 v 7 including a goalkeeper. The coaches can try and experiment with various formations and tactics during these games. The different formations are something that can be reviewed in your second (non Academy) practice.  However, don’t forget to include some skills development activities in every practice, not just the focus on the 7 v 7 game play.
The Build Out Line
The Under 10 games will include a new concept, the build out line. Essentially this is to encourage teams to play out from the back (goalkeeper) and keep possession of the ball, rather than the goalkeeper punting the ball aimlessly upfield. It is best explained by the following two videos.
Keep in mind it will take time for players to become familiar with the build out line and its purpose. Take some time each practice (if possible) to go over the use of and reason for the build up line, but keep in mind these players still need lots of technical development and small sided games as part of their overall soccer education.  For all balls that are punted, the referee will award the other team an indirect free kick from the point where the punt was taken. 
Head Balls
Another new u10 rule concerns heading the ball please review the video below:
During a game, the referees have been instructed to award an indirect free kick to the opposing team for any ball delibertly headed. 
Again this is a lot of information for both the player and the coach to take in so the philosophy is one of education and teaching the player gradually that heading the ball deliberately at this age group is no longer allowed. Of course the primary objective of the no heading rule is player safety which is always a good thing. Another benefit is that, in conjunction with the build out line, we are encouraging possession soccer with the ball being played along the ground. This will encourage coaches to focus and teach the passing and receiving skills that are so essential to the development of young players.
As we all adjust to the new rules in place at this age group please work in cooperation with other coaches, referees and parents for the benefit of all players.