Warrington Soccer Travel Program

Warrington Soccer Club’s soccer programs are under the direction of Paul Centofanti (DOC 11U and up) and Neil Smart (DOC 10U and under). We are committed to offering a full range of programs that can meet the needs of players at any level of play - from beginner to premier. Our programs are outlined below.

FC Warrington Premier Travel Program Overview

Age Groups: Selected teams starting at 11U & older

The FC Warrington premier level is designed to accommodate the teams and players that are chasing the game. Each premier team provides individual players with the best playing experience at the highest level with a few important facts in mind. Your Child’s development is the most important ingredient. WSC believes in providing the best possible playing environment at the most reasonable cost structure. Program Details

Warrington Travel Competitive Program Overview

Age Groups: 11U and older

The Travel Competitive level is designed to accommodate the teams and players that are interested in a more competitive environment than the intramural program can provide. This travel program is similar to a traditional travel club program. The teams rely on parent volunteer coaches to run the teams. These coaches will need to have a minimum of an “E” license within 12 months of becoming the head coach. Program Details

Warrington Academy Travel Program Overview

Age Groups: 9U - 10U

The Travel Academy program is designed to accommodate the teams and players that are interested in a more competitive environment than the intramural program can provide. We staff these teams with qualified trainers under direct supervision of an “A” license Director of Coaching. In addition, the soccer club has designed the schedule/activities/events in order optimize the technical development of these young players while still allowing them to participate in other sports and activities in order to better prepare them for the future. Program Details

Warrington Futures

Age Groups: 6U - 8U

The Warrington Futures program has been established in alignment with the new US Soccer player development guidelines to promote the benefits of Small-Sided Games. The focus is for players to have more fun, more touches on the ball, develop improved skills with the ball, and improve confidence and comfort in tight spaces. The training curriculum and style of play will align with physiological development of the players and help develop intelligence both with and without the ball — all while creating a more fun and enjoyable game while also fostering a passion to play. Program Details

Warrington Soccer Starters

Age Groups: 4U – 5U

Warrington Soccer Starters is a program used to introduce children to the wonderful sport of soccer. There are no formal “team” coaches for the Soccer Starters program. During the opening part of each session parents actively assist in helping their child learn the soccer skills. Each session concludes with informal, fun Micro Soccer games. The goal is to build an interest in the sport, have fun, and start the foundation of the essential soccer skill building activities.


Warrington Soccer Travel Program Philosophy

The Warrington Soccer Club travel program focuses on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). LTAD is a multi-faceted process that encompass the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological dimensions of play. In the early years, (the WSC Academy program - U9/2009 - U10/2008), motor and technical development are the most critical elements. As the player grows, the physical and tactical dimensions assumes more importance. Our entire travel program is structured on this model and at each age group you can be assured your child will receive age appropriate soccer instruction and training. The primary difference between travel and intramural is the level of commitment and competition.

Warrington Soccer Travel Program Overview

The Warrington Soccer Club Travel program starts at the U9 level which includes children born in 2009 for the 2017/2018 Travel Soccer Season. The club has historically fielded at least two teams for boys and two teams for girls at the U9 level and above.

Typically, Travel Teams begin playing in the Inter-County Soccer League (ICSL), which covers an area from the Delaware River on the East to King of Prussia on the West, South into Northeast Philadelphia and North to Buckingham, Quakertown, Towamencin. The longest trip is usually not more than an hour. In addition, We have teams in the Philadelphia Area Girls Soccer league (PAGS), DELCO Soccer League, Mid-Atlantic Premier Soccer league (MAPS), Eastern Development Program (EDP) and Rock Soccer League.

The Fall Season runs from right after Labor Day until early December (weather permitting). Most coaches will also play in several tournaments each season. Other big tournament weekends are Labor Day and Columbus Day. Travel teams stay together through the fall and winter and will play any number of indoor leagues or tournaments and then typically play in a spring league as well. The costs for these activities are borne entirely by the team. Teams will begin practicing once or twice a week over the summer in preparation for their tournament schedule and the fall season. At the U-9 to U-10 level, our club has a policy requiring all players get at least 50% playing time unless there is a specific issue that has been discussed with the parents i.e. injury, discipline, etc.

All of our coaches are selected after an interview process and approval by the board of directors. Most have either significant playing or coaching experience, with many holding advanced state and national soccer coaching licenses. All new coaches commit to the club to pursue licenses, if they do not already hold them. T

Tryouts are generally held in April/May. They are advertised on our web site and some social media websites. Additionally, the club will send an email notification to all registered players in a specific age group advising of their age groups tryout times.

The U9 and U10 Academy teams have all-inclusive pricing. For the 2017-2018 season, the Academy cost is $890.  For the 2017-2018 season, the travel team cost for U11 teams and older is $395. Teams may collect additional funds to cover costs of tournaments and other team operations. This will vary by team. Teams may conduct various fundraisers on their own to raise money to offset these costs and also to help defray costs of things like bags, warm-up equipment, etc. For details of the the costs for each age group, see the Travel Program Costs section.

It is an individual decision as to whether your child wants to play at the travel level. Both of our programs are well run and provide good skill and personal development opportunities. If your child has played intramural before and done well, or is just an all around good athlete he will probably do well in the travel tryouts. The coaches will work with the team to develop individual soccer skills and the teamwork necessary to be successful on the field.